As ageing aviation pilots in need of reading glasses we embarked on a mission to create a line of all-in-one sunglasses, thus eliminating the need to carry and swap between reading glasses and sunglasses. These frames are perfect for an all day use eliminating the need to change between sunglasses and reading glasses. The lenses used are prescription grade quality with UV400 blocking and a perfectly positioned D-shaped reading glass area on the inside of the lenses. The top part is without power and lower part has +1.5 or +2.5 power for reading. The outside of the lens is perfectly smooth making the sunglasses look like a normal shade. (Not possible to tell you are wearing bifocal sunglasses). All sunglasses are flight tested and proven in the flight decks of Boeing and Airbus aircraft.
POXX "ICONIC" unisex sunglasses are true all-in-one stylish shades!
Initially POXX STOCKHOLM is launching the "ICONIC" 1950's design having a UV400, prescription grade bifocal lens, with reading power of +1.50 and +2.50.
Sports style shades are developed and ready to ship once the factory in China have lifted its quarantine of its employees.